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HoursThe wine tasting room/lavender gift shop is open Friday through Sunday, 10:00 am to 5 pm.



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The products on this site are from Stringtown Farms or are made by local crafters from the Pacific Northwest. Many of the products at the farm gift shop are also available online.

Hemp Seed Oil Soaps
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   Product    Description
Lavender Soap Lavender scented soap, with lavender buds
Lavender-Rosemary Soap Lavender & rosemary scented in a smooth soap
Lavender-Vanilla Soap Lavender & vanilla scented in a smooth soap
Lavender-Sandalwood Soap Lavender & sandalwood scented, with lavender buds
Lavender-Coffee-Mint Soap Lavender & mint scented, with coffee grounds
Cranberry Soap Cranberry scented in a smooth soap
Lavender Honey & Oats Soap Lavender honey scented, with oatmeal for dry skin
Cinnamon Sugar Soap Smooth soap with spicy scent
Citronella Pet Soap Soap with lavender, citronella, & other oils to deter fleas