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Upcoming Events at Stringtown Farms

Celebrate Your Valentine in February!  Visit the farm during February for our wine, cheese & fudge tasting! We'll also have other gifts available for purchase that will be sure to please your sweetheart!

Hours:  Beginning February 2, the wine tasting room/lavender gift shop is open Friday through Sunday, 10:00 am to 5 pm.



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Asparagus with Lavender and Mustard

1 lb. asparagus stalks, medium thickness

1 T. olive oil

1 t. prepared Dijon-style brown mustard

1/2 t. cumin

1-1/2 t. Bragg liquid aminos (or reduced-salt soy sauce)

1/2 t. Meyer lemon juice

1 t. water

1/2 t. crushed lavender buds, divided


In a small bowl, mix together the mustard, cumin, 1/4 t. of the lavender, liquid aminos, lemon juice, and water. Set aside. Snap off the ends of the asparagus stalks and cut the stalks into 2 inch lengths. Heat oil in a 10 inch saute pan and add asparagus in a single layer. Saute 2 minutes, stir, and continue cooking another 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium and cover pan. Cook for 2 minutes. Stir in mustard mixture to coat asparagus. Cook and stir 1 minute (or more to reach desired tenderness). Serve garnished with a sprinkling of crushed lavender buds. Makes 2 or 3 servings.

John Adams
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